Range Cookers

Today, the company behind the iconic AGA produces a range of cookers for every cook and every kitchen. No matter where you live, whatever your lifestyle, there’s an AGA that fits perfectly into your home. Choose between two, three or four ovens and the source of fuel that suits you the most: natural gas, propane gas, electricity and oil (kerosene or diesel).

The AGA S-Series cookers are a much-praised collection of distinctly unconventional conventional cookers built with the AGA values of reliability, style and performance.

The Masterchef takes the AGA spirit of long-lasting quality and versatility and applies it to conventional range cooking. The AGA integrated and freestanding modules offer AGA owners complete cooking versatility. A great addition to any kitchen, they have the cast-iron good looks of the AGA combined with a conventional electric oven with integral grill and a fan electric oven. Available with a choice of hotplate, the gas or electric unit can be either attached to the main cooker or be left freestanding.

A Rayburn is a beautiful, controllable cast-iron range cooker, which includes a central heating boiler capable of powering your radiators and hot water system. A Rayburn is a home energy centre. And, of course, like its sister brand AGA, a Rayburn creates the most succulent and wonderfully cooked food. You can you choose what type of fuel you want to use, as well as whether you want a full central heating appliance – with or without hot water – or a cooker-only model. Plus, there are seven stunning colours to choose from.

Rayburn – Warming the home
You don’t need a separate central heating boiler with a Rayburn. Thanks to its built-in boiler, it can power up to 20 radiators. That means you can enjoy a cosy, warm kitchen and heating for the rest of the home. Like any other boiler, a Rayburn is fully controllable, with timers for heating and hot water. That puts you in control and maximises fuel efficiency. The Rayburn is also the first A-rated condensing appliance in the UK, meaning you save money through even more efficient fuel usage.

Rayburn – Hot water when you need it
A Rayburn delivers copious amounts of hot water – for showers, baths, the kitchen and the central heating. Thanks to its built-in boiler, you’ll always have plenty of hot water right when you need it. And that’s all independent of the range cooker itself.

Rayburn – Green energy
With Rayburn acting as the centre of your home, you can be sure you are using energy as efficiently as possible. And with our new Smart System, you can also make the most of renewable energy sources by connecting a wood-burning stove, solar thermal panels or a heat pump to the Rayburn for a fully automatic green energy system.

The Broseley woodburning range cookers and room heaters are engineered to modern European standards, combining quality and efficiency with Italian flair. We also have several cookers with back boilers available which will provide both domestic hot water and run the central heating in your home.

The woodburning Suprema has a large window to allow easy viewing of the oven. The classic design of this outstanding product, together with robust manufacture, will ensure many years of enjoyment. In addition to generating heat, the Thermosuprema model can also provide domestic central heating and hot water.

The stylish ceramic tiles on the Rosa range come in a variety of colours to suit any design scheme. The Rosa combines traditional features with modern practicality. The Thermorosa model can be used to provide hot water throughout the home.

The clean, fluid lines of the Sovrana room heater/cooker,combined with the unique finish, ensure that this model will complement any traditional or contemporary home.

The Italy is our first woodburning built in range cooker combines a sleek elegant design with modern heating technology.  The appliance is now DEFRA-approved for use in a smokeless zone.

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